Banana Bread and a PR and a Puppy, Oh My!

[Editorial Note: I planned to post this yesterday, but Wednesday was basically the bad-news-bears version of a day, and was awful, and I didn’t get around to it, so here it is for you now.]

Hi readers – I know, I know, I’ve been gone awhile.  When I started this blog, I was hoping to post at least every other day, but this weekend, life got the better of me.  Basically, I had so much life to do that I ran out of time to blog about it!   A quick rundown of my projects:Read More »


Three Ingredient Thursday: Amazing Breakfast Quinoa

Today’s Three Ingredient Thursday is all about breakfast.
Back when I was working in New York City, my office was very close to a fairly high-end market, where I’d often stop to grab breakfast on my way in.  They usually offered this really delicious creamy oatmeal, which was basically my favorite thing ever.  Then, one day, I went in, and in place of my beloved oatmeal, they were offering breakfast quinoa, which was something I’d never heard of before.  I had really been looking forward to a hot breakfast, and there wasn’t anywhere else to get oatmeal, so I figured I might as well give the breakfast quinoa a try – and it was AH MAY ZING.  Slightly thicker and yet less glue-y than the oatmeal, with a really hearty texture.  It was also lightly sweet and just a little bit nutty, without being overpowering.  So good.  I ended up stopping in that little market almost every morning for the rest of the time that I worked there to see if they had breakfast quinoa, and when I stopped working at that job, it was something I really missed.
So, over this past weekend, I decided to see if I could recreate the amazing breakfast quinoa, and not only did I nail it, I did it in only three ingredients!  Enjoy!

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Inaugural Monday Movie Night: “Vegucated”

[Quick Note: On Mondays, I’m going to start running a feature around here called “Monday Movie Night,” where I’ll discuss a movie I’ve watched recently that’s relevant to this blog.  Although today’s pick is a food documentary, expect to see a pretty wide array of stuff in this space.  Hope you enjoy!]

I recently watched the film “Vegucated” for the first time.  It’s been reviewed and recapped around the internet many, many times, so I won’t be retreading that particular ground here.  Instead, I want to talk about a particular aspect of the documentary that really made an impression on me.Read More »

Streaking is for Everybody!

Folks, I want to talk about a pretty important topic in my life these days, something that’s really helped to bring focus and intention to my present journey, something that has contributed – more than almost anything else – to my present success on the health and wellness front.  Is it a fancy juicer?  A high-tech running watch?  A meal delivery service?  A shake?  A pill?

Nope.  It’s none of those things.  So what is it?  It’s streaking.

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Inaugural Three Ingredient Thursday: Green Machine

One of the things that stopped me from attempting to go vegan was the fear that it would be too hard to do, that I’d have to spend hours in the kitchen cooking and wouldn’t be able to eat anything fun or tasty without a ton of work.  Now that I’ve been living vegan for a bit, I’m happy to report that it’s not even a little bit true.  To emphasize how easy vegan meals can be, I’m going to be running a regular weekly feature here at Suburban Vegan Road Warrior called “Three Ingredient Thursday,” where I’ll be sharing a recipe that can be made with only three ingredients (and that you’ll probably enjoy even if you’re not vegan!).  This week’s recipe?  I call it the “Green Machine.”

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It’s Not Really About the Cake

There was a delicious-looking chocolate ring cake in the break room on Friday. It was to recognize another employee’s birthday, and it was handmade from scratch and lovingly and gorgeously decorated by the office’s resident baker (not her actual job title, just her hobby, at which she’s stellar). On a “normal” day (that is, a day in my life before I made the choice to go vegan), that cake would’ve been IM. FRICKING. POSSIBLE. for me to resist. Cake? Frosting? Chocolate? Sprinkles? Heck to the yes!*  Some days, I’d sneak into the break room three or four times for “just a little slice.” Other days, I’d try to resist by telling myself I couldn’t have it, then telling myself I could have it but only after 4pm (to cut down on number of slices I’d end up eating, and also because half the time the cake would be entirely gone and therefore not available to eat by then). A good portion of the time, “resisting” the cake only meant that I’d overindulge on something else, somewhere else. A venti Frappuccino or chocolate frosted doughnuts from the drive-through on the way home. A huge bowl of ice cream after dinner. Something, anything to quiet the part of my brain that had spent the entire day demanding cake.

Since I haven’t been vegan for all that long, I wasn’t sure how I’d handle the birthday cake challenge as a vegan. I thought it’d be hard to resist. I wondered if I’d break down and have a slice. Today, I got my answer.

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