Three Ingredient Thursday: Fudge!!!!!!!!

Confession: When I first went vegan, in my heart, there was always an “except” next to it – I was “vegan (except for sometimes I will eat fudge).”  Fudge was the only thing I wasn’t sure I could give up forever, you know?  Everything else, well, I either didn’t care that much about never eating it again (so long bacon, you were fun until I saw that movie about how pigs are treated!), or there are some really excellent vegan substitutes on the market that made it a non-issue (yes, that’s you, cheese).  But – as someone who not only LOVES fudge but also is famous for her homemade fudge – I just didn’t see how a vegan fudge recipe could work.  I mean, the central ingredient in all of my fudge recipes was CONDENSED MILK – how on Earth do you veganize that?  Even if – IF! – a vegan substitute for condensed milk could be found, it couldn’t possibly make fudge as delicious as non-vegan fudge.  Whatever I came up with would just be a sad, pale imitation that would make me mad, right?  Right?


Allow me to introduce you to the most delicious fudge I have ever eaten: Three Ingredient VEGAN Fudge.


This fudge is creamy, smooth, and absolutely delicious – possibly even more delicious than my non-vegan fudge.  It absolutely satisfies any chocolate craving you could possibly have, for less calories than a Hershey bar, and without using any animal products whatsoever!  Here’s the recipe* for all my fellow chocolate lovers:


  • 1 can unsweetened coconut cream (the brand I used was 5.4 oz per can, but if you found 6 oz cans I’m sure that’d work too)
  • 2 tbsp. coconut oil
  • 3 cups vegan chocolate chips (I like the Enjoy Life brand, but any brand will work)
  • OPTIONAL TOPPINGS:  Sea salt, nuts of any kind, sprinkles – use your imagination!


  1. Place chocolate chips in a large bowl (use stainless steel or other material that can stand up to boiling liquid – you’ll see why in a minute!)
  2. Combine coconut cream and coconut oil in small pot.
  3. Bring cream/oil mixture to a boil, stirring with a whisk to ensure that the oil melts and blends with the cream evenly.
  4. Once mixture is boiling, add it to bowl of chocolate chips.  DO NOT STIR!  Let everything sit for two minutes.
  5. After waiting two minutes, whisk by hand until the mixture is smooth (it gets absolutely gorgeous looking – smooth and shiny and authentically fudge-y!)
  6. Once the fudge is blended, there are lots of options for how to set it – I have mini silicone baking cups that I poured the fudge into, as you can see above.  I like the baking cups because they’re instant portion control, and also because they set more quickly, but you could also just pour it into a wax-lined pan and let it set in more traditional fudge bricks.  (Keep in mind though that set time will be longer if you go the brick route!)
  7. Once you’ve poured the fudge into your pan or baking cups or whatever, add any/all of your optional toppings.  Personally, I went for a sprinkle of sea salt across the top.
  8. Place fudge in freezer and let set for at least one hour.
  9. Enjoy!

This recipe makes 12 servings at approximately 205 calories apiece (without taking toppings into account – adding nuts will raise the calorie count, if that’s something you care about).

*Shoutout to Veggie and the Beast, from whom this recipe is lightly adapted.


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